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Black Outdoor Performance Socks

SKU TRE7-01/black
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- Moisture-wicking

- Quick-drying

- Padded toe and heel support

- Light and durable

If you’re looking for a quality walking sock, Comodo has you covered. Engineered for both the novice and experienced walker, you’ll enjoy comfort, protection and style with every pair – wherever the adventure takes you.

The Comodo outdoor performance sock keeps you dry and comfortable on every walk, whatever the weather. Woven from hydrophobic material to protect against the elements, you’ll enjoy a sock that’s both quick-drying and comfortable.

Woven with high quality polypropylene yarn from Austria, the outdoor performance sock in classic black brings both effortless style and comfort to any walker’s wardrobe.

Fabric: 50% Merino Wool, 20% Polycolon, 15% Polyamide, 10% Polypropylene, 5% Elastane


Polycolon - 100% polypropylene from the highest quality polypropylene yarn from Schoeller Austria.

Features: Polycolon maintains the body's performance and dryness for longer; no matter how much you perspire, it drains moisture and sweat away. It is very light and durable. It is a hydrophobic material - it protects against water and dries very quickly.

Benefits: Thanks to the use of Polycolone, you feel dry and even when the conditions are not favorable you can feel completely comfortable.

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