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Black Sports Socks

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- DRYTEX® Comfort yarn
- Moisture wicking
- Multisport

Breathable multipurpose sports socks, suitable for a wide variety of games and sporting activities.

With revolutionary DRYTEX® Comfort fibres, the Comodo multipurpose sports sock is designed to enhance comfort and performance.

Flexible yet durable, its advanced moisture wicking system protects against heat and keeps moisture away from the skin for impressive freshness - even in punishing conditions.

Destined to be your go-to sports sock.

Fabric: 69% Polyester, 21% Polypropylene, 5% Polyamide, 5% Elastane

Drytex Comfort is a high quality technical fabric, used among others in the production of trekking socks. Thanks to it, the clothes have a soft, pleasant texture, and this is a great improvement compared to touching natural fibers.

Features: The revolutionary Drytex Comfort fabric technology is designed to provide protection against heat and moisture. The use of this technology ensures high breathability, so Drytex Comfort is a special material that keeps moisture away from the skin and provides a unique feeling of freshness.

Benefit: What's more, Drytex Comfort is a durable and mechanically strong material and at the same time light and delicate to the touch. Clothing made using Drytex Comfort yarn provides well-being and comfort during your favorite sporting activities, which can contribute to our productivity. The moisture wicking system makes the garment flexible and very comfortable. It is a real pleasure to wear clothes made from this revolutionary yarn.

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