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Black and Grey Motorbike Socks

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- No compression welt

- Shin Protection Zone

- Calf Protection

- Sole Shock Protection

- DRYTEX® Comfort Yarn

Designed specifically to meet the needs of motorcyclists, Comodo motorbike socks in practical black and grey provide the highest standards in comfort, safety and style.

With no compression welts and sole shock protection, these motorcycle socks feature premium technologies to fully protect the calves, prevent abrasion and reduce pressure on the shins to almost zero.

Thermoactive and breathable, Comodo motorbike socks are knitted from innovative DRYTEX® comfort yarn to keep moisture at bay and ensure feet stay at optimal temperature, even in the heaviest motorbike boots.

Fabric: 40% DRYTEX® Polyester, 55% Polypropylene, 5% Elastane

DRYTEX® comfort yarn is an innovative product which uses a series of patented co-polymers with microfibres employing a revolutionary technology that exhibits extraordinary properties incorporating cotton aesthetics with the performance of a synthetic. It is a semi-dull yarn optically brightened, disperse dyeable which can be dyed at lower temperatures than conventional polyester.

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