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Black and Orange Performance Ski Socks

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  • Drytex® Thermical yarn
  • Breathable
  • Stretch-resistant
  • Knee-high
  • Unisex

Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, channel cool alpine style in these Comodo performance ski socks in classic black with a pop of orange – perfect for your next season.

Knitted with quality Drytex® Thermical yarn to expel moisture and keep the skin warm and dry, these high-performance socks are both lightweight and a snug fit beneath any ski boot – whether as a first or second layer. Enhanced by unique moisture-wicking properties, skiers can enjoy comfortable wear and design made to weather ultimate winter conditions.

A great addition to any skier’s winter garment supply, Comodo ski socks come in a range of colours – from practical neutral tones to unique flashes of neon.

Fabric: 40% Polycolon, 20% Polyester DRYTEX, 20% Polypropylene,15% Polyamide, 5% Elastane


Polycolon - 100% polypropylene from the highest quality polypropylene yarn from Schoeller Austria.

Features: Polycolon maintains the body's performance and dryness for longer; no matter how much you perspire, it drains moisture and sweat away. It is very light and durable. It is a hydrophobic material - it protects against water and dries very quickly.

Benefits: Thanks to the use of Polycolone, you feel dry and even when the conditions are not favorable you can feel completely comfortable.

Drytex Thermical is a high quality technical yarn, providing excellent breathability for delicate and natural fabrics.

Features: This innovative product allows air to flow between the skin and the fabric. After numerous studies based on the mechanisms of human body temperature regulation, it was found that clothes produced from Drytex Thermical yarn remove moisture, keeping the skin cool and dry. They do not retain moisture because the water molecules are removed through the pores in the fabric.

Benefits: Clothes made with Drytex Thermical yarn provide warmth, dry skin, protection and softness, being both light and comfortable. Thanks to these properties Drytex Thermical yarn is suitable for the production of thermal clothing. A great example of this are our mountain and ski socks, which ensure 100% comfort and performance during winter sports. In addition, this clothing is resistant to stretching and contraction.

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