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Sustainable is our goal!

Here at JEMSOX a lot of time and thought goes into our socks developments to ensure we give you, our customers the highest quality socks with the bonus of it being made sustainability.

Why are our ORGANIC COTTON socks the go to staple socks to go for?

  • Organically grown. Meaning they have grown without the use of synthetic chemicals such as pesticides and fertilisers. 
  • Breathable, softer and more durable than conventional cotton.
  • Moisture control. Cotton is highly absorbent. Cotton socks soak up sweat, keeping your feet dry. For mild to moderate sweating, Jemsox Organic Cotton is an excellent choice. 
  • Comfort – We ensure we make socks that fit perfectly and give you great comfort.

Organic Cotton socks - spot in circleOrganic Cotton - fox pink socksOrganic cotton stripe socksOrganic Cotton - Disty Flower socks in denim

Let us dive in further into COMFORT

As well as our main goal is to be sustainable as much as we possibly can, we also highly take care in the comfort of our socks. Our Jemsox Organic Cotton Comfort welt socksare socks that have a soft, elastic band at the top that prevents them from slipping down or digging into your skin. They are designed to provide comfort and support for your legs and feet.

They can also:

  • Improved circulation. Wearing comfort welt socks can help improve blood flow in your legs by applying gentle pressure. This can also reduce the risk of varicose vein, swelling and blood clots.
  • Reduce fatigue. Yes, wearing comfort welt socks have shown that they can reduce muscle fatigue and soreness by supporting your leg muscles and reducing vibration. Overall, they can enhance your performance and endurance.
  • Increased comfort. Our Jemsox comfort welt socks do what they say. They will make your feet and legs more comfortable by preventing frictions, blisters and irritation. Plus, the Organic Cotton will keep your feet feeling nice and cool too.

Comfort welt Organic Cotton socks - Diamond Pattern in redComfort welt - square pattern socks in orangeMulti stripe comfort welt socks

So, if you are looking for socks that can improve your health, comfort, and well-being, our Jemsox Organic Cotton Comfort Welt socks might be a good option for you!

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